Severe Drought Hits Southern Indian Tea Plantations 2017

Severe drought has affected tea plantations in Kerala, Southern India early in 2017 leading to a decline in tea production. Devan Hill Plantations (K.D.H.P) and Harrisons Malayalam Plantations (HML), two of South India’s major tea corporates have suffered from prolonged drought in the current year. The failure of the northeast monsoons combined with a frost […]

How to discover the best brands of tea

Here at the World Tea Directory we encourage people to buy direct from the plantations but it is not always realistically possible as the smaller plantations are often not set up to sell directly to the consumer. So here is a selection of other resources that we found on the web to help you find the best tea brands.

Six Effects Weather has on Your Tea

Introduction If you are one of the 158 million Americans who drink tea, you might find it interesting that the weather in which your favorite brew is grown can affect the tea’s color, aroma, flavor and health benefits. Teas are primarily grown in tropical and sub-tropical climates these climates typically provide the necessary warmth and […]

Teatox Detox Plans – are they safe?

If you’re searching for a new way to detox then there may be one for you – teatox. This program encourages you to consume tea according to a schedule, usually for 28 days, so as to cleanse the body. The tea isn’t a substitute for a regular meal though, neither is it a replacement for […]

Tea Market – By Products & Geography : Forecast Research Report Up to 2021 Latest Release By DecisionDatabases

Press Release The report Global Tea Market Research Report – Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast by provides the value chain analysis, market attractiveness analysis, and company share analysis along with key player’s complete profiles. Get FREE Report Sample @ The three segments of the leaf tea market are Black Tea, […]