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Suan Lahu is an organic farm run in northern Thailand by indigenous highland villagers, who are dedicated to planetary health.

Mogeni Tea Produces Black CTC in bulk and sells Black CTC Teas in the Mombasa Auctions. Mogeni is a producer member of East Africa Tea Trade Association (EATTA).

SDZ Chá Sarl produce single & rare single origin tea, with unique flavors exclusive to this region, savored alike by most gourmets, from discerning tea connoisseurs to first time tea drinkers.

China Professional Organic Tea Planter and Producer

Xuanan tea is a professional organic tea planter and producing since 1992. Rich experienced in organic tea planting and producing.

At Minto Island Tea Company, we produce certified organic, handpicked, small-batch crafted teas. We grow all of our unique product in Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley. Our story begins in 1988, when Rob Miller and John Vendeland planted an…