The Health and Beauty Secrets of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

The Health and Beauty Secrets of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

One of Black Leaves’ best-selling teas in Australia is the exotically blue butterfly pea flower tea. Previously only popular in countries like Thailand and Cambodia, blue tea sales have gone through the roof as more and more people discover the remarkable qualities of this cleansing, health-boosting herbal tea.

Are you in the mood for a religious experience? In India, the butterfly pea is considered a holy plant and its cobalt blue flowers are offered to Hindu gods and goddesses in daily puja devotional rituals. In return, these deities have endowed the blue blossoms with antioxidants that work wonders for your skin and hair.

Not to get too technical, but these antioxidants destroy harmful free-radicals which roam your body damaging and killing healthy cells. Among other things, this leads to signs of premature aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and dry, sagging skin.

By drinking butterfly pea flower tea, you are not only increasing your intake of hydrating water, but you are also boosting levels of these helpful antioxidants and decreasing unwanted lines and sagging.

Furthermore, butterfly pea flower tea contains powerful anti-inflammatories, which together with its potent antioxidants, keep your skin fresh, smooth and clear. In fact, many large cosmetics companies are beginning to use butterfly pea flower extract in their lotions and creams. However, skin conditions are often better treated from inside, from their source. And how easy is it to brew a cup of tea, sit down somewhere quiet and slowly sip it? It’s cheaper than anything you can buy at a cosmetics counter and at least as efficient.

Butterfly Pea flower tea

But not so fast. Butterfly pea flower tea does more than transform your aging skin into a complexion that is clear and smooth enough to attract attention. Research has proven it to also be of benefit to heart health, chiefly by lowering levels of cholesterol, and also weight loss. It is known to contain catechins, which are bio-compounds famous for their ability to burn belly fat and aid weight loss.

“Is that all?” I hear you ask. Well, in a word – no. And while Black Leaves has received many emails of weight loss success and heartfelt notes from people who have been struggling with skin conditions for years – skin conditions that have cleared up by drinking butterfly pea tea regularly, it also has benefits for mood elevation, reduction of water weight, and regulating blood sugar.

Another very common reason people have fallen in love with blue tea is the fact it promotes healthy hair. That’s right. The anthocyanins in butterfly pea flowers are responsible for the beautiful blue colour of both the petals and the tea. Yet they are not there just to make the flowers look pretty. They also increase blood flow to the scalp, thereby helping to maintain healthy skin and healthy follicles.

And who wouldn’t want a lovely head of thick, shiny hair to go with their new clear, clean complexion?

Now we’ve talked about the abundant benefits for you. What about your children? As a caffeine-free tea, this is safe to give to your children. And do you want to know a secret? It changes colour if you add a little lemon juice. Dazzle your children with some “Mum Magic” while getting them to drink more water. With benefits.

Why not discover the beauty secrets of this exotic south-east Asian tea for yourself? Get the clear, beautiful skin you deserve and the thick, shiny hair to go with it, just by drinking beautifully blue tea regularly.

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Source: Black Leaves – Brittany Taylor

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