There were several indigenous Assamese persons who were pioneers in tea plantation in Assam in the beginning years of tea plantation in Assam in spite of all the odds against them. They established and ran tea estates successfully with tremendous business acumen and enterprising zeal. Maniram Dewan, the real discoverer of tea in Assam with […]

What Is a Tea Sommelier?

Ever wondered what kind of tea professional calls themselves a tea sommelier? Hot tea has been a popular beverage for a long time, and it’s easy to see why. Tea has a number of health benefits on top of being a wonderful drink. You cannot overstate the cultural significance of tea – after all, America […]

10 Naturally Cleansing Teas to Flush Out Your System

Many commercial cleansing teas are available on the market today, but how do you know if the ingredients are truly beneficial for detoxing? Detoxing can be an entire body cleanse, or can specifically target certain organs or systems of the body. It’s important to know which elements are appropriate for your own cleansing needs. In […]

How to Start a Successful Tea Business

Do you want to know how to start a tea business? Tea is the new drink of choice for millions of Americans. The global tea market is expected to reach $21.33 billion by 2024, up from $14.45 billion in 2016. This is thanks in large part to millennial newfound interest in tea. Millennial are embracing tea’s […]

7 Wonderful Scented Teas You Need to Experience

Whether you’re an avid tea drinker or just starting to explore the joy of tea, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the many types of tea available. There are a number of tea varieties including white tea, green tea, black tea, herbal tea, and oolong tea. And even within these varieties, there are further flavors […]

10 Great Gifts for Tea Enthusiasts

Tea enthusiasts can be very particular people. That doesn’t make it easy to shop for them. The good news is that as more people are consuming the world’s most popular beverage (aside from water), there’s been a growing market for specialty gift items for tea enthusiasts. These are the top 10 gifts the tea enthusiast in your […]

Creative Ways to Promote Your Tea Events

You have one of your tea events coming up and you’re super excited about it. But, there’s one problem- you’re also excruciatingly worried that no one is going to show up for it. You’ve been posting info about it on social media and your website, but for some reason, it’s not getting the hype you’d […]

8 Ways To Market Your Tea Business

Who doesn’t love a hot cup of tea, especially on a cold morning? If you’re a tea expert with a great tea business, then connect with the people who enjoy these hot drinks. In order to help you branch out and reach the most customers, we put together these great tips on how to market […]

How Tea Promotes Weight Loss

Looking for a way to lose weight simply by pouring a cup of your favorite tea? It’s no myth. Drinking tea really does promote weight loss in a variety of ways, depending upon the type of tea you drink and the frequency with which you drink it. When you supplement a healthy tea drinking regimen […]