5 Best Herbal Teas For Insomnia

5 Best Herbal Teas For Insomnia

Don’t you feel relaxed waking up after eight-hours of long, deep sleep? There’s a direct relation between years of age and hours of sleep. Insufficient sleep has been responsible for several conditions like hypertension, weight gain, depression, diabetes, heart diseases, and a higher risk of death. Surprisingly, herbal teas have some magical powers to turn down your sleeplessness. From ancient times until the modern age, people have been drinking herbal teas for better sleep at night. In this article, let’s explore five best herbal teas for insomnia .

1. Chamomile Tea

It’s not new that people drink Chamomile tea to lessen inflammation, reduce acid reflux, and reduce  insomnia. The abundant Apigenin in Chamomile generates special chemicals that attack anxiety and promote sleep. Studies show how the sleep quality of people that daily consume Chamomile is better than those who don’t. The effects of Chamomile are so strong on sleep that it’s often referred to as a sleep inducer or mild tranquilizer!

2. Lavender Tea

Greeks and Romans perfectly used the soothing scent of Lavender in drawing better baths. It is also one of the five best herbal teas for insomnia. Using the tiny purple buds from Lavender stems, one can make the best herbal tea. Also, to add character to your Lavender tea, you can add cannabis seeds. Cannabis is another element helpful in improving sleep quality. Buy marijuana seeds online in USA and have a cannabis garden till the next time you make your Lavender tea.

3. Valerian Root herbal teas for insomnia

Valerian has proven effects as a root herb on conditions like insomnia, headaches, and anxiety. Widely used for treating insomnia in the United States and Europe, Valerian can do wonders when consumed as a herbal tea. Look at this study done on 128 people saying 400 mg of Valerian root in liquid form decreased sleep latency. An additional benefit of Valerian root, it increases GABA levels- a neurotransmitter that initiates better sleep.

4. Lemon Balm

It’s a child of the mint family, famous worldwide for its healing properties. Middle-aged men used to dry the Lemon Balm leaves and use it for improving sleep by drinking it as tea. Only consuming 600 mg of Lemon Balm extract for 15 consecutive days can bring up to a 42% reduction in sleeplessness. Like Valerian roots, Lemon Balm plants also are efficient GABA boosters.

5. Magnolia Bark

Nothing overwhelming, but the flowering plant Magnolia Bark has existed for over a hundred million years now! Magnolia tea is a combination of everything from its barks, dried buds to stems. The honokiol elements in Magnolia work as sedative agents and elevate sleep. The flowers, stems, and barks of Magnolia all have plenty of honokiol within.

Herbal teas for insomnia  – conclusion

Many herbal teas have multiple health benefits. These five being the most effective herbal teas in enhancing sleep quality, treat insomnia and reduce midnight awakes. So just use these five best herbal teas for insomnia and relax!

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