Why You Need to Get a Tea Infuser

For true tea lovers, there is never enough. You could argue that we get as much pleasure from finding the right gadgets and accessories for our tea rituals as we do from sipping a cup. Since we insist on the best in tea, we need to pay special care in brewing and preparation. Discerning tea lovers know that a tea infuser is an essential part of preparing great tea.

Valley Green Tea adds new category of Chinese Pu-erh tea – Prestige & aged Pu-erh tea

Pu-erh tea belongs to the compressed tea category and is a unique class of Chinese tea. While the general rule ‘the fresher, the better’ applies to almost all other teas, premium Pu-erh teas’ value increases with aging due to their post-fermentation nature – very similar to premium wines in this regard. (More info at: https://www.valleygreentea.com.au/pu-erh-tea/pu-erh-tea-info.html) […]

Severe Drought Hits Southern Indian Tea Plantations 2017

Severe drought has affected tea plantations in Kerala, Southern India early in 2017 leading to a decline in tea production. Devan Hill Plantations (K.D.H.P) and Harrisons Malayalam Plantations (HML), two of South India’s major tea corporates have suffered from prolonged drought in the current year. The failure of the northeast monsoons combined with a frost […]