How to Practice Tea Meditation for Mindfulness

How to Practice Tea Meditation for Mindfulness

Tea has been around for over 2,000 years, and it’s likely that you’ve enjoyed the energy boost it offers you.

In addition to helping you wake up, tea is also great for your health! It can help to improve brain function, aid in fat loss, and even lower your risk of diseases.

But did you know that you can also use tea to help you to be more mindful?

In this post, we’re telling you how practicing tea meditation can help you to center yourself, refocus, and relax from a long day.

Step 1: Brew Your Tea

First, you’ll need to prepare the tea itself. This is where you can really get yourself into the meditation mindset. From getting your leaves to choosing which cup you’re going to use, try to be in the moment throughout the whole process.

While the water boils, take in a few deep breaths and try to let go of the distractions of the day. Also, give some thought to where in your room you’ll drink your tea.

Choose a place that’s free of noise, distraction, and even bad memories.

This is your time to yourself – make sure you meditate in your in-home sanctuary.

Step 2: Prepare to Drink

Once your tea is prepared and you’ve walked to the room where you’re going to enjoy your tea, it’s time to get comfortable.

Make sure your back is supported and that you’re in a comfortable chair. While you don’t want to sit up too straight, it’s important that you pick a position that will allow your body to remain present and mindful in the moment.

Start by taking in the aroma of the tea. Do the scents remind you of anything? A happy memory? Try to go to that place.

Or, try to think about all the different ingredients that went into making your cup of tea. Where did they come from? Who made them?

Step 3: Drink

Now, you’re ready to drink your tea. Make sure that you’re fully aware of every sip, and that you’re taking your time.

Don’t rush it.

If you’re having trouble letting your mind go, it’s a good idea to focus on your physical movements.

When you raise your arm, place your cup back on its saucer, and even when you swallow, try to focus only on the singular action you’re taking in that moment.

If your mind starts to wander, don’t panic – this will only get you further off track. Instead, acknowledge the thought, and return to your tea.

When you’re finished, give thanks to yourself and your team. Appreciate the time, the effort that went into creating it, and the self-care you gave to yourself.

Ready to Give Tea Meditation a Try?

Whether you’re a long-time tea drinker, new to the world of tea, or are even a grower yourself, tea meditation is a wonderful practice to add to your life.

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