How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

We don’t know about you, but our day isn’t complete without a piping hot cup of tea. No matter how stressful the day has been, all our troubles seem to melt away when we take that first mouthwatering sip. A great cup of tea can serve as a break from your day. But brewing the best […]

7 Tea Trends to Watch in 2017

While the history of tea is long and it has been a drink of choice for hundreds of years, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t evolved!  These past few years have brought us many surprising tea trends and 2017 will be no different. We’ve come up with the seven biggest tea trends to keep an eye […]

The Best Tea To Drink to Reduce Stroke

Strokes can be scary and deadly. Strokes statistics: + 15,000,000 people get strokes worldwide. + 795,000 people get strokes in the United States. 5,000,000 people die from strokes each year. In the United States, strokes are the third leading cause of death. Strokes are the leading cause of disability. Good thing there’s a remedy! Read […]

Drinking Tea Might Help Prevent Diabetes

Drinking tea can help with diabetes. Approximately 29.1 million Americans are currently living with diagnosed or undiagnosed diabetes. That’s 9.3% of the population living with the condition. Diabetes can be life-threatening without the right diet and access to insulin. The condition is due to a person’s inability to metabolize sugar in their body. Those living […]

Why You Need to Get a Tea Infuser

For true tea lovers, there is never enough. You could argue that we get as much pleasure from finding the right gadgets and accessories for our tea rituals as we do from sipping a cup. Since we insist on the best in tea, we need to pay special care in brewing and preparation. Discerning tea lovers know that a tea infuser is an essential part of preparing great tea.