10 Tea Shops all Tea Enthusiasts Need to Visit

10 Tea Shops all Tea Enthusiasts Need to Visit

Whether a cup of tea is part of your morning routine or just an occasional afternoon pick-me-up, most of us can agree a good cuppa is one of life’s most simple pleasures. With that being said, it’s no surprise that there are seemingly endless options to meet your tea drinking needs. But, if you want the best you may have to travel to find it. Luckily for you though, we have the short list of must-visit tea shops from around the world.

Get out your passport and get ready to explore 10 of the best places to get your tea fix:

1. Peacocks Tea Room

The tea room at Peacocks is a family business located in Cambridgeshire, England.

This award winning tea room was started in the family’s home in 2004 and has since expanded to include some cozy Bed & Breakfast suites on the floor above.

If a homey atmosphere and seemingly endless tea options tickle your fancy, Peacocks is worth the visit.

2. Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel

At the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, you can enjoy afternoon tea with a beautiful view of Cape Town, South Africa.

The signature tea at Mount Nelson is a blend of rose petals from the garden at the hotel and six different teas: Darjeeling, Kenya, Assam, Keemun, Yunnan and Ceylon.

The tea services offered here also include a variety of leaf and flowering teas. Visit Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel for a tea experience that rivals the view.

3. Bibble and Sip

Tucked away among the side streets of New York, New York this charming tea shop puts a spin on the traditional service of tea.

The minds behind Bibble and Sip bring matcha to life.  They have a background in French confectionery and their inspiration is pulled from Asian flavors.

And with menu items like lemon matcha tarts and matcha chia pudding, this is bound to become one of your favorite tea shops.

4. Abbey Cottage Tea Room

Abbey Cottage puts an emphasis on supporting local producers. As such, many of the ingredients featured on the menu are from the surrounding region as well as fruit and salad from the tea house’s gardens.

Situated in a picturesque part of Dumfries, Scotland, afternoon tea at the Abbey Cottage Tea Room is a delight.

5. American Tea Room

American Tea Room provides guests with a delightful American tea time.  They will introduce you to teas and tea ware sourced from tea shops all around the world.

There are three locations throughout southern California. They also have a handful of awards under their belt. So the people at American Tea Room are obviously doing something right.

6. Mad Hatters Tearoom

A visit to Mad Hatters Tearoom brings a touch of whimsy to your tea experience. Incorporating a little bit of Wonderland into a traditional English tearoom setting gives you the perfect amount of magic any afternoon needs.

Try something a little different if a quirkier tea experience is what you crave. Take a trip down the rabbit hole and find yourself in this warm and welcoming tearoom in Chester, U.K.

7. Yumchaa

In 2004 Yumchaa started as a market stall and quickly grew to become a haven for tea lovers.

On a mission to “rid the world of mediocre cups of tea” the founders of Yumchaa have taken this growth and turned it into what is now several busy London tea shops.

The inspiration for the teas offered at Yumchaa is derived from blending flavors and teas from all around the world to create only the best cups of tea.

8. Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House

Though this tea house requires a literal hike to get to it, the views that come with the tea would make just about any amount of trekking worth it.

Built in 1924 by Swiss guides employed by the Canadian Pacific Railway Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House is hidden away in the Lake Louise area of Alberta, Canada.

The trail to the tea house takes you up close to the heart of Mount Lefroy, Mount Victoria, and the Victoria Glacier.

The Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House offers a uniquely authentic experience.  It is a beautiful place to rest after a few hours of hiking.

9. TeaSource

When you think of Minnesota you probably don’t automatically think of tea, but TeaSource wants to change that.

The mission at TeaSource is providing the highest quality of tea, accessories, and services by spreading tea knowledge. From conducting tea tastings to giving talks and speeches the people at TeaSource are committed to providing an excellent tea experience.

If you find yourself in St. Paul, their location there is worth stopping by as it boasts over 200 kinds of loose leaf tea to pick from!

10. Teahouse 278

At Tea House 278 you can enjoy a relaxed Gaiwan tea service within a traditional Chinese tea house.

This tea house in Bar Harbor, Maine provides tea tailored to fit any individual’s palate. You can enjoy exotic flavors and be instructed in tea service skills.  All this while taking in a beautiful tea garden and Maine weather.

The experience doesn’t have to stop there either.  You will find that Teahouse 278 also offers a wide variety of loose leaf teas and tea accessories to take home.

Tea Shops Galore

The variety of tea houses  seems to be almost as wide as the variety of teas themselves. With so many different flavors to try, it seems silly to always stick with what you know.

Start your tea shop bucket-list with these 10 and you won’t be disappointed. I am sure you will find many more to add to the list.

Need more ideas for places to visit? Check out these tea rooms  as well.

If a traveling bucket-list is a bit much, you can also check out these online retailers.  That way you will be able to bring the tea house experience to your own home.

Whether you pack your bags and head out to see it for yourself or enjoy a cup of tea in the comfort of your own home, we wish you happy sipping!

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