Why You Need to Get a Tea Infuser

For true tea lovers, there is never enough. You could argue that we get as much pleasure from finding the right gadgets and accessories for our tea rituals as we do from sipping a cup. Since we insist on the best in tea, we need to pay special care in brewing and preparation. Discerning tea lovers know that a tea infuser is an essential part of preparing great tea.

How to discover the best brands of tea

Here at the World Tea Directory we encourage people to buy direct from the plantations but it is not always realistically possible as the smaller plantations are often not set up to sell directly to the consumer. So here is a selection of other resources that we found on the web to help you find the best tea brands.

Six Effects Weather has on Your Tea

Introduction If you are one of the 158 million Americans who drink tea, you might find it interesting that the weather in which your favorite brew is grown can affect the tea’s color, aroma, flavor and health benefits. Teas are primarily grown in tropical and sub-tropical climates these climates typically provide the necessary warmth and […]