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Mogeni Tea Produces Black CTC in bulk and sells Black CTC Teas in the Mombasa Auctions. Mogeni is a producer member of East Africa Tea Trade Association (EATTA).

SDZ Chá Sarl produce single & rare single origin tea, with unique flavors exclusive to this region, savored alike by most gourmets, from discerning tea connoisseurs to first time tea drinkers.

Melvin Marsh International is a limited liability company that was incorporated in 1994 (20 years) and we are the largest blender, packers and distributors of the highest quality flavoured teas of Kenyan origin. Featuring: Melvins Pure Kenya black…

All of our teas are handcrafted at home and with love. Finding and using the highest quality ingredients, we bring you the freshest and most delicious tea out there.

3 Kings Investments is a global tea exporter/bulk tea supplier based in Kenya. We pride ourselves in being an efficient and reliable wholesale tea supplier of premium Kenyan tea. Our offering includes the following teas: Black CTC Tea, Black…