At Bouteaq, we embrace a ‘leave no trace’ philosophy. We strive to have as little impact on our earth as we can. That is why all our ingredients are vegan, and ethically and locally sourced, and all our packaging is recycled and recyclable or biodegradable.

Tea was created for indulgence. It was created to spoil yourself. To tickle your taste buds. To share and enjoy with friends. To celebrate good days, and to celebrate better days!

And that is what Bouteaq is about. Sharing. Spoiling. Indulging. Celebrations. Bouteaq is about tea. It is about tea for you. It is about tea for me.

All of our teas are handcrafted at home and with love. Finding and using the highest quality ingredients, we bring you the freshest and most delicious tea out there. Our tea is clear conscience indulgence!

Teas come in 50g and 100g servings, and there are eight flavours to choose from:

Alive – cinnamon, liquorice, rooibos
Breathe – buchu, dandelion, spearmint, rooibos
Detox – green rooibos, liquorice, fennel, cardamom, spearmint
Grounding – olive leaf, fennel, buchu, green rooibos
Peppermint Crisp – peppermint, cacao nibs
Rejuvenate – peppermint, liquorice
Sweet Dreams – chamomile, raspberry leaves
Calming – chamomile, olive, lavender

Come enjoy our tea with us 🙂

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