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Buy Kenyan Tea – here are some of the main services we offer: 1. Auction sales Bulk Blended Tea (Infrastructure for making special blends is available) 2. Direct / contract sales Straight-line Tea (Pure Kenyan Tea) and un-blended teas straight…

Stan Ford Company are pleased to introduce ourselves as Tea Exporters from Kenya. We are a member of the Tea Board of Kenya. We export blended and straight line grades of tea as follows: 1) BP1, 62kgs per bag, 2) PF1, 68kgs per bag, 3) PD, 75kgs per…

Mogeni Tea Produces Black CTC in bulk and sells Black CTC Teas in the Mombasa Auctions. Mogeni is a producer member of East Africa Tea Trade Association (EATTA).

SDZ Chá Sarl produce single & rare single origin tea, with unique flavors exclusive to this region, savored alike by most gourmets, from discerning tea connoisseurs to first time tea drinkers.

Melvin Marsh International is a limited liability company that was incorporated in 1994 (20 years) and we are the largest blender, packers and distributors of the highest quality flavoured teas of Kenyan origin. Featuring: Melvins Pure Kenya black…