10 Great Gifts for Tea Enthusiasts

10 Great Gifts for Tea Enthusiasts

Tea enthusiasts can be very particular people. That doesn’t make it easy to shop for them.

The good news is that as more people are consuming the world’s most popular beverage (aside from water), there’s been a growing market for specialty gift items for tea enthusiasts.

These are the top 10 gifts the tea enthusiast in your life will adore.


Does your tea enthusiast like to read? Then you can’t go wrong with books that are perfect for tea lovers.

One that’s close to my heart is Sara Rose’s “For All the tea In China.” That book was the inspiration behind World Tea Directory. It expertly tells the story of the history of the 19th-century tea trade, with a dose of suspense and espionage.

Another book of interest is “The Tea Enthusiast’s Guide.” It’s a guide that’s perfect for newer connoisseurs and long-time tea lovers. It focuses on the enjoyment aspect of tea: how to choose, brew and store tea.


A kettle designed by an architect is a unique gift. This one designed by Norm Architects combines Scandinavian design with Zen philosophy. The result is a simple, elegant glass kettle with a stainless-steel steeper built in.

There’s a practical part of the design, too. The steeper attached to the lid, creating a way to make tea that doesn’t make a mess.


The most obvious gift for tea enthusiasts is tea.

There is no shortage of online shops to make your purchase. You can get exclusive teas from the UK, or order teas from other exotic locations.

You can go for something outside of the box and give a tea-infused beverage. Companies have come out with wine-inspired teas as well as tea-infused wine and spirits.

Tea Infusers

A tea lover can never have enough tea infusers.

There are all types of tea infusers. There are the standard tea infusers, or the fun and creative.

For example, you can have fun by getting an infuser shaped like an octopus or a duck. There are little men, polar bears and shark tea infusers.

Star Wars lovers would particularly enjoy the Death Star tea infuser.

Bath & Beauty Gifts

There’s nothing more relaxing than a warm bath, a good book, and a cup of delicious tea. You already have ideas for books and teas. Here’s your idea for bath gifts.

There are bath products that contain green tea, peppermint tea or tea tree oil. Any of these options are incredibly relaxing and good for your skin.

You can create a gift basket with a book, teas, and bath products to give your tea enthusiast the perfect night in.

Mugs & Teacups

A perfect teacup will invoke a smile every time it’s picked up.

Finding the right mug depends on what you want to convey to your gift recipient. If you want them to laugh, get a mug with a funny quote. If you want them to remember you, you can get a mug printed with a photo.

A mug that a tea-loving techie would enjoy is this CTRL-ALT-DEL tea cup set.

Tea Biscuits

The perfect compliment to tea is a good biscuit.

Rich tea biscuits were created in England during the 17th century as a snack between meals. This sweet biscuit is now the most popular in the Britain.

In order to master the art of dunking biscuits in tea, you need the right biscuit. Scientists have recently confirmed that McVitie’s Rich Tea is the best biscuit for dunking. That’s compared to the 26 others that were tested.

Tea Kits for Tea Enthusiasts

Is your tea enthusiast a DIY type of person? That’s when a tea kit would make a great gift. Tea kits are a great way to be creative and blend teas at home.

If you’re the DIY person, you can make a chai tea kit to give as a gift. That’s a way to add a personal touch to your gift.

A Kombucha tea starter kit is an interesting alternative to a typical tea kit.

During warmer months, think about gifting a bubble tea kit.

Tea Subscription Box

You can give the gift of tea all year round with a tea subscription box. Most boxes have samples of different teas delivered every month, starting at around $10.

Other subscriptions feature small-batch premium teas, herbal teas, or have teas with accessories.

Boxes such as Teavana sends a 4oz package of the Tea of the Month and 2oz bags of featured teas for $45. That’s a lot of tea.

Tea Experiences

The gifts listed above are great, but if you want to go all out, go for a tea experience. There are a few levels of tea experiences from local tea tastings, to once in a lifetime adventures.

Tea rooms all across the country have tea tastings where you can sample different types of tea. There are also tea shops that you can visit, which is perfect for all tea enthusiasts.

Other places, such as high-end hotels host afternoon tea time.

For example, in New York, you can go to the famed Russian Tea Room, the Plaza Hotel, or the Ritz Carlton for afternoon tea. Most major cities have at least one place that hosts afternoon tea, even Honolulu, Hawaii.

If you want to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience, get them a gift certificate for tea time in London. London is the place to experience tea, from the top tea rooms to visiting the top tea makers.

A truly unique experience is afternoon tea on a double-decker bus.

As you can see, tea experiences can be as simple and outrageous as you want to make it. Let your imagination run wild!

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