Thai Tea Businesses and organisations.

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Tea Gallery Group are distributors of fine teas. Tea Pure Tea Blended Tea OEM ODM Heathy Tea Organic/Bio Tea About The Tea Gallery About 70 years ago, a Chinese family called “Ma”, moved from China to Chiang Mai. Shi Fu, the youngest brother of…

Monsoon Tea offer a wholesale, shop and tea restaurant. We are specialized in sustainable forest friendly tea from Thailand. Both Pure and flavoured. Relax in our comfortable teahouse and enjoy a large selection of freshly brewed teas.

Suan Lahu is an organic farm run in northern Thailand by indigenous highland villagers, who are dedicated to planetary health.

High quality teas from Northern Thailand. Green, Oolong, Herbal and Fruit Teas from Doi Mae Salong, the home of quality Thai Teas.

A very friendly guesthouse directly on the Gulf of Thailand. Enjoy wonderful Hua Hin, while drinking some wonderful Northern Thai tea.