Monsoon Tea offer a wholesale, shop and tea restaurant.

We are specialized in sustainable forest friendly tea from Thailand. Both Pure and flavoured.

Relax in our comfortable teahouse and enjoy a large selection of freshly brewed teas.

We brew and serve our teas in different ways: hot, iced, or blended in smoothies, healthy fermented kombucha, and fun cocktails. We encourage you to sample a variety of styles as tea flavours are enhanced differently through the various preparation methods.

Monsoon Tea | Sustainable Natural Tea from Thailand from Marisa Marchitelli on Vimeo.

Our restaurant is guided by a unique philosophy – all dishes are inspired by the flavour of our wild and free-grown tea and by the traditional cuisine of Thai tea farmers. We create our own original recipes cooked with fresh and fermented tea leaves alongside traditional northern Thai Lanna dishes which have been enjoyed by tea pickers for generations.

Monsoon Tea Workshops

Learn more about the world’s most popular beverage in one of our special tea courses. Our Chiang Mai tea workshops cover topics such as the history of tea, traditional uses and consumption of tea in Thailand, sustainable tea cultivation and processing, as well as tea preparation and brewing techniques. Tea tasting is mandatory!


Opening Hours


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10.00 - 20.00