Harada Tea & Foods Inc. is a subsidiary of the second largest tea company in Japan.

Harada Tea Processing Company is a 4th generation, family-operated, 100-year-old business. They specialize in the production of retail green tea, coffee, black tea, oolong tea, nori, and shiitake.

The company began introducing traditional Japanese green tea and culture into the U.S. in early 2018.  They created the Gen Sou En Tea House, a modern Japanese tea house in Boston.  Continuing that expansion with a new retail line of green teas and matcha.

People who are concerned about their well-being are enjoying green tea and matcha as part of their daily routines. Green tea generally has less caffeine than coffee and also has a very high catechin content. Catechins are antioxidants that help protect our body and promote good health.

Gen Sou En is loosely translated as “farm to cup,” and that perfectly characterizes our premium green tea. We pick the leaves when the tea fields are bright with the most tender and flavorful new buds. We then rush the tea from the field and quickly steam and dry it to lock in the tea’s freshness and full flavor.

The expert tea masters at Harada Tea created our Umami, Kokumi, and Shibumi blends to honor the finest traditions of Japanese tea culture. Each blend therefore has its own distinctive flavor profile.

Harada Tea also offers a wide range of food service. Including white label, and OEM products so that you can deliver authentic green tea to your customers. We can scale, customize, and package all our tea products to meet your specific needs.

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