10 Benefits of Oolong Tea

10 Benefits of Oolong Tea

Are you part of the 83% of Americans who drink coffee? It’s by far the most popular drink, and while it can help you wake up in the morning and offer quick pick-me-ups throughout the day, it’s not the healthiest drink to indulge in several times a day. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to replace coffee (or at least a few of your daily cups), then tea is a great option. There are many health benefits to drinking tea, but no two teas are created the same. Oolong tea, in particular, can give you a wide array of health benefits. These range from helping you feel awake and alert to preventing diseases, like cancer and osteoporosis.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to discover 10 benefits of oolong tea.

1. Keeps You Alert and Focused

One of the biggest reasons you probably drink coffee (aside from the delicious taste) is that it can help wake you up in the morning and keep you focused throughout the day.

The main component that does this is caffeine, which is also present in oolong tea. That means you can swap out your morning cup of joe for a healthier tea alternative.

The mental benefits of oolong tea go further than just helping you feel alert. Over time, it can also help prevent against cognitive decline and brain degeneration.

2. Helps You Lose Weight

Have you been struggling to lose weight?

While you won’t be able to lose weight without sticking to a good diet and exercise plan, there are things that can help you along the way.

One of the most surprising benefits of oolong tea is its ability to aid in weight loss. By increasing your energy metabolism, you may be able to burn fat quicker.

Additionally, tea helps you lose weight by reducing bloating and improving your body’s cardiovascular system for better workouts.

3. Gives You Healthier Skin

Are you starting to notice signs of aging appearing on your face? Age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines can make us appear older and lower our confidence. This causes many people to hit the drugstore and pay top dollar for special anti-aging creams.

But why pay upwards of $50 for a small bottle of anti-aging cream when you can get some great benefits with oolong tea? Oolong tea has been shown to boost your natural collagen creation to help prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

If you suffer from skin conditions, like eczema, you may also be able to reap the benefits of oolong tea. Drinking oolong tea regularly has been shown to work against skin conditions, and you may see results in as little as a week.

4. Regulates Insulin and Blood Sugar Levels

If you struggle with diabetes, you’ll probably relate to how frustrating it is to constantly monitor everything you eat and drink.

A study has shown that oolong tea regulates blood sugar and insulin levels. Of course, it should never be used in place of prescription drugs, but it can be a powerful way to help you control and regulate your diabetes.

5. Lowers Likelihood of Cancer

With cancer being on the rise in the past few years, it seems that everyone knows someone who has been touched by cancer.

One of the greatest health benefits of oolong tea is its ability to prevent cancer. This tea contains polyphenols which can shield you against many chemical carcinogens. It can also help prevent skin cancer by protecting you against tumors formed by UV radiation.

6. Keeps Bones Strong

While you might think that milk is the answer to having strong bones and teeth (and you’re not wrong) there are some other options that can assist with bone strength.

Oolong tea benefits you by providing a good source of calcium. Having strong bones reduces the risk of osteoporosis while making it easier for your bones to heal after an injury.

7. Reduces Stress

Between work, taking care of kids, and keeping the house clean, it seems like everyone is living such a stressful life. However, stress can cause some negative side effects, like low energy levels, headaches, and insomnia.

Remember those polyphenols in oolong tea that can help prevent cancer? Well, they can also reduce stress. Additionally, drinking oolong tea can provide you with some aromatherapy which is believed to help you relax.

8. Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States, with about 610,000 people falling victim to it every year. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stress are all things that may contribute to your risk of getting heart disease.

Now, we’ve already mentioned that some oolong tea health benefits are helping to manage diabetes and reduce stress which may help prevent heart disease. But drinking tea can protect your heart in other ways too.

Regular consumption of oolong tea has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels. That means that oolong tea can do three things to protect you from heart disease.

9. Can Fight Bacteria

If you have a bacterial infection, oolong tea can help you fight against it (although it shouldn’t be used in place of prescription medications).

Those handy polyphenols (yes, the same ones that can prevent cancer and reduce stress), give oolong tea some antibacterial properties that have been proven to fight against strains of streptococci, in particular.

10. Good for Oral Health

Thanks to the calcium found in oolong tea, it’s a great way to keep your teeth (and the rest of your bones) strong and healthy. But there are some additional health benefits of oolong tea.

We’ve mentioned that the polyphenols in oolong tea help fight bacteria in your body. Well, the same is true for your mouth. Killing bacteria in your mouth can fight oral diseases and bad breath. Oolong tea can also lower the risk of tooth decay by reducing plaque.

Why You Should Drink Oolong Tea

If you find yourself drinking several cups of coffee to get through the day, you may want to consider switching to oolong tea. Not only does it contain caffeine that helps you wake up and stay alert, but it can help keep you healthy in many other ways.

Some of the best health benefits of oolong tea include reducing stress, fighting cancer, regulating blood sugar and insulin levels, strengthening bones, and lowering cholesterol.

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