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Naked Teas Galore Inc. is certified organic by Pro-Cert for USDA and COR, (NOP/COR) and we offer a selection of over 200 organic loose leaf teas, matcha, herbs/spices and tea accessories.

The traditional high brow loose leaf tea image has been replaced with a new brand of quirky tea – Parched Tea… “Loose leaf & fancy free…”

Mie Mie Sein is the proprietress of Sawadee (meaning welcome in Thai) Tea House located in the heart of downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. Originally from Chiang Mai in Thailand, tea has been a part of her life and culture since day one.

Teas & Weaves is the product of two passions. Claire Keys loves tea… everything about tea… the culture of tea, the health benefits of tea, the exciting new tea varieties and flavours, the beautiful and exotic tea ware, and just relaxing…

Cornelia Bean is a tribute to a fine lady named Cornelia Boon (1899-1934) who lived a short life in the tiny country of Holland. The word Boon in Dutch is Bean. There were three granddaughters named after Cornelia and today her granddaughter in…