Teas & Weaves is the product of two passions. Claire Keys loves tea… everything about tea… the culture of tea, the health benefits of tea, the exciting new tea varieties and flavours, the beautiful and exotic tea ware, and just relaxing and enjoying a “cuppa”. Claire’s husband, Fritz Hollenbach, loves hand made textiles…especially hand knotted carpets. Fritz’s enthusiasm for travel and primitive art gave rise to a collection of oriental carpets that has steadily grown for 15 years.

Teas and Weaves

Put these two passions together, add some hard work, mix in some imagination, and the result is Teas & Weaves, a fun and colourful shop in Penticton, B.C. that sells “all things tea” and a wide variety of hand knotted oriental carpets.

Claire, a native of Zimbabwe, worked in the Okanagan wine industry for 14 years. A culinary expert, she loves cooking and fine food and wine. She has spent years educating people in the subtleties and nuances of wine tasting and appreciation. Claire recognized the similarities between wine and tea tasting…indeed both share many of the same terminologies like, bouquet, body, aroma, astringency, terroir, and estate grown. There are also many health benefits that both share, mainly the antioxidant properties that each contain. According to Claire, “Tea and wine should be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle, and what a pleasant way to promote health!”

Claire has gathered over 90 loose leaf teas from around the world and is constantly researching and trying new products. She has a wide variety of black, green, oolong, matcha, and white teas. She carries many varieties of rooibos, and honeybush from Africa along with Yerba Mate from South America. She has a wide range of herbal teas, and to round out her family of “teas” she carries tisane teas or “fruit infusions” containing no caffeine, and perfect for iced tea that you can serve to the whole family.

Claire loves the challenge of “sourcing” teas for her customers. Describe a tea to her and she will find it! Claire gives tea tastings in her shop and has a great atmosphere, surrounded by beautiful carpets and antique samovars, to enjoy a “cuppa”. Once you have visited her shop it is hard not to share her enthusiasm for “all things tea”.

Teas and Weaves

Fritz has been growing grapes in the Okanagan Valley for over 25 years. When harvest is finished he can’t wait to travel to an exotic, and warm, location. His destinations are usually “off the beaten path’ and involve living and learning about different cultures. As well as taking lots of photos he loves shopping, looking for bargains, and buying primitive artwork, especially textiles and carpets. Fritz believes carpets are “artwork for the floor”. “Each carpet is a hand made work of art”, he says, “and along with being creations of great beauty, they are practical. Who doesn’t love the feel of soft wool under their feet?”

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