New Organic RTD tea with 24K gold

New Organic RTD tea with 24K gold

Pennsylvania-based company creates RTD tea – organic iced tea with 24K edible gold for a new tea drinking experience

Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania – October 2017

Mursalski Tea USA, distributor and manufacturer of Jewel of the Mountain organic Mursalski Tea products has announced its first RTD tea, cold-brewed herbal tea with 24K edible gold. The online company, founded by partners, Ognian Hristov and Laila S. Nabulsi started importing organic Mursalski tea from Bulgaria last year.
“We wanted to create a unique product which would not only be an alternative to heavily sweetened iced teas on the market, but would also create a memorable drinking experience,” explains Hristov.
Their “Sunshine Recipe” part of the Dust from Heaven collection, blends lightly sweetened, organic Mursalski tea with a splash of lemon and a sprinkling of 24k edible gold dust. They debuted their RTD tea at the Pennsylvania Tea Festival in September 2017. It will be available online starting November 15, 2017.

RTD tea - Dust from heaven Tea

“The idea of combining Mursalski tea and gold was something we wanted to do for some time,” says Nabulsi. “We believe both elements have reached their peak of perfection. We are fascinated with the beauty and elegance of the Mursalski plant. Gold by itself carries its own level of sophistication and magic. Putting them together just seemed like the right thing to do.”
With more than 35 years of combined experience in the natural health field, both partners used their knowledge of herbal medicine and the positive benefits of gold to create their special brew. It was important for them to develop a great tasting beverage that was low in calories and sugar and free from preservatives.
Jewel of the Mountain organic Mursalski tea is single-sourced from a particular area of the Rhodope Mountains. It only grows in high elevations in parts of the Balkans and Greece and has been used for centuries by the locals. Different regions yield several varieties of the plant. The farmers that Hristov and Nabulsi work with have won numerous awards in Europe for the high quality tea they produce and their commitment to sustainable farming practices. It is certified organic by the European Union. Although it is not widely known in the United States, Hristov and Nabulsi hope to make it a household name.
Mursalski Tea USA also offers tea boxes for consumers who like to make their own tisanes. They have a line of handmade, artisan chocolates, which use an extract of organic Mursalski tea along with complimentary flavors and are topped with 24K edible gold. With their distinguished gold and purple packaging, they pair perfectly with the tea.
Their RTD tea comes in 16-ounce glass bottles with a distinct, colorful label. It is sold as a 4- pack or by a case of 12. Caffeine-free and produced in small batches, the tea is suitable for all ages. All the packaging the company uses is recyclable or compostable.
The inspiration behind their bottled tea with 24K gold appeals to those epicureans with a sense of adventure in seeking out the latest in luxurious, unusual taste sensations. As their slogan states it’s “Like Drinking a Cup of Sunshine”.
Jewel of the Mountain organic Mursalski Tea is currently available from the company’s websites ( or as well as some select markets. They plan to implement nationwide distribution in the coming year.

Source: Mursalski Tea USA

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