Artisan Handpicked and Processed.
All of our teas are expertly and only handpicked and processed. We never buy mass produced machine cut teas. All of our teas are made by hand with care and tea making traditions often times passed down for generations.

Support Sustainable and Go Organic!
Supporting sustainable, organic tea farms and plantations is a cornerstone of Wild Tea Qi’s mission.
We never buy tea from mono-culture, mass produced tea farms.We visit each tea farm and plantation to ensure sustainability and harmony with the environment.

Support True Tea Artisans!
We believe in supporting the small tea artisans and not encouraging large corporate take overs of tea farms. We buy direct from the local tea farmers and or tea farmer collectives. This ensures a fairly traded tea and supports the local farmers livelihood. We believe in creating a long-term, personal relationship with the farmers and tea pickers. With your purchase of Wild Tea Qi teas you help preserve the true tea artisans and the valuable traditions.

Buy Direct From the Source
Unlike most other tea brands, Wild Tea Qi never buys from tea brokers or outsources their tea buying. We strictly and only buy direct from the source. Raise your tea brand above the rest and buy direct.

Single Origin
We only buy our teas from a single origin, from the same farm and the same year.
Many other tea brands mix teas from different mountains, and different farms in order to save on costs. We never mix teas from different farms or plantations which ensures an honest, quality tea.

Our vision is to change the landscape of China and bring back the nature that has been being destroyed for so long. By purchasing teas with the BiodiversiTEA logo you are supporting bringing back sustainable tea farming practices that are in harmony with the local ecology.

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