Tealeavz offer online sales of loose leaf teas that create an exotic tapestry of flavors woven into each sip.

Loose leaf teas also treat your body with the nutrients and antioxidants that it deserves. It is therefore the perfect beverage for your health and well-being and helps you escape everyday stress and tension.

Coffee contains almost double the amount of caffeine per regular cup, compared with tea. But the difference doesn’t stop there. The caffeine content in coffee is a central nervous system stimulant and has immediate effects. It excites us, accelerates our heart rate and raises blood pressure. Coffee creates a ‘coffee high’ followed by a low.  It therefore arouses a feeling of anxiety, popularly known as “coffee jitters”. Or the dreaded “crash”.

Caffeine in tea is known as theine. When tea steeps with water it forms different bonds to those of caffeine in coffee, resulting in a different effect on our bodies. The stimulating effect of caffeine in tea usually takes longer to enter the bloodstream than coffee, slowly releasing theine in the blood over a 6 to 8 hour period. The effects of theine in tea on the central nervous system and cardiovascular system are mellower on the system as a whole. The caffeine content in tea helps to increase concentration levels and a relaxed sense of alertness.

Research shows tea sharpens the mind, increases concentration, and enhances relaxation without the over stimulating effects akin to drinking a cup of coffee.

Tealeavz hopes that you will give loose leaf tea a try. And feel good again.

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