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Choose from the finest, freshest and purest teas made in Australia and imported from overseas. Enjoy secure online shopping within our store. Just sit back and relax and let us deliver your teas directly to your door!

Tea culture began in the palaces and temples of ancient China. Served to the Emperors for its natural healing, calming and balancing abilities. Since then, every part of the world tea has enjoyed tea. It is one of the world’s most popular beverages. Tea is ranked among the world’s most traded goods.  it even became the symbol of a revolution.

Fast forward to the present time and travel to Australia. To the bustling tea bars of Sydney and Melbourne and to the tea connoisseurs of Brisbane. Australians seem to have rediscovered tea and are therefore meeting up with their friends to enjoy the goodness of this delicious and healthy drink.

Australia’s novel tea culture presented the groundwork for us to found Tea Online in 2016 and with a selective tea range we strive to become Australia’s premier online tea merchant, an equivalent to the traditional ‘Tea Houses’ where tea lovers find aromatic teas and discover new flavorful tea blends.

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