The main function of Tea Association of India is Advisory. Over the years it has produced quality inputs for the development of the Tea Industry.
The main function of Tea Association of India can be categorized as:

The Association lends its views before Central and State Governments

It does this through their Ministerial Departments and Statutory Bodies e.g. Tea Board, Labour Unions, Buying Community and Exporters, Tea Brokers & Auction Organizers, sister producers Associations, Banks and Financial Institutions etc. Professional and Academic Institutions e.g. Institutes and University Departments specializing in Plantation Management also avail of the services of the Association. Apart from them, various non-Government Organizations, Research Bodies seek the assistance of TAI from time to time.


The Association keeps its members abreast with the developments within the Industry and the outside world by issuing regular Circulars & Bulletins. The contents of the Circulars touch upon a vast range of subjects covering macro and micro economic issues e.g. taxation, legal, labour, statistics etc. The Association’s circulars provide unique medium for the Governments and Statutory Bodies to reach the tea estates and their owners for circulation of Policy matters, Schemes, notifications etc.


The Secretariat Officers of the Association provides advisory services to the members. Advices are sought by the Members mostly on labour and commercial issues and on legal matters etc.


The Association represents its members’ before the Ministries, Statutory Bodies etc. seeking relief, concessions etc. TAI regularly submits its Pre-Budget Memoranda to the Central and State Governments every financial year. The Association nominates its representatives in different Committees of Statutory Bodies to voice the Industry issues.


The Association participates on behalf of its members, in the collective bargaining process with the Trade Union representatives of the workers and staff on revision of daily wages, pay-scale, annual bonus as well as on various demands placed from time to time. Bipartite and Tripartite Agreements are negotiated and settled by the Association representing the employers. It has developed a special niche in Industrial Relations negotiations.


Tea Association of India facilitates the supply of food grains for the garden workers through its appointed handling agents. It also intervenes in case of scarcity in supply or disturbance in the supply-chain of the essential inputs for the Industry e.g. fertilizer, coal, fuel etc.

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