Sweet Tea Factory offers a variety of packaged loose leaf teas, local honey, gourmet jalapeno honey and glaze, spice rubs made with tea and accessories to enjoy your tea brewing and cooking experience. Our mobile store offers a variety of freshly brewed hot and iced sweet and unsweetened teas, tea lattes, tea cocoas, tea sorbet’s, teasickles and tea slushy’s!

From traditional favorites to imaginative blends, our goal is to bring you the best-tasting, healthiest, freshest, purest, teas on earth and delight every palate from the first time tea drinker to the discerning connoisseur. We take pride in using only the finest natural and organic ingredients and are a socially and environmentally conscious company.

Our award-winning, loose-leaf teas and tisanes, are also available bulk by the pound. We also offer a selection of tea accessories.

Select from a wide range of categories, including: white, green, black, oolong, red, herbal, caffeine-free, organic and fair trade. Wholesale bulk tea is also available for gift shops, tea shops, cafés and specialty grocery stores.

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