Spiral Tea Ltd

Spiral Tea launched in 2019. The concept is a combination of 3 combined passions; Art, Culture and additionally Health.

Each blend also contains a part of its country’s culture, traditional remedies and plants or flowers of origin. We combine this with the health qualities of each ingredient.  This results in the creation of unique cultural blends with their associated health benefits.

We pack our loose leaf tea in beautiful, vibrantly coloured, arty, recyclable packaging.  Based on colours representing each country as well as invoking colour therapy.

Colour therapy uses colours and their frequencies to heal physical and emotional problems. Sparking electrical impulses in our brains that also stimulate hormonal and biochemical processes throughout our body. These processes therefore either calm or stimulate us.

6 Dalby House, 398 City Road , London , EC1V 2QA, UK

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6 Dalby House, 398 City Road , London , EC1V 2QA, UK


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