Royal Tips Tea are an on-line tea store sourcing top quality loose leaf artisan teas directly from their origin. You can find the finest quality green, white, yellow, black, oolong, puerh and herbal teas in our assortment of goods. All our teas are sealed into small packaging bags to keep them fresh and preserve flavour as long as possible.

Each tea is a unique experience for the palate. At Royal Tips Tea we are passionate about discovering among the thousands of teas the most special, of unique origin, even of limited harvests, making sure that they reach our customers as fresh as possible. In our online tea shop we have the pleasure of offering the finest pure handmade teas full of unique natural flavors appreciated by experts around the world.

We have professional tasters with decades of experience in rigorous quality controls and select the best teas from Sri Lanka, China, India, Nepal and Japan. Likewise, We make sure to follow the correct packaging and preservation process so that our customers can appreciate all the fullness of aromas and flavors of our incredible teas and infusions.

Our desire would be to accompany all the people passionate about tea in this journey so fascinating and full of sensory experiences to discover your favorite teas, improve your well-being or simply to enjoy a pleasant, comforting, delicious cup of tea.

Royal Tips Tea

Our mission is to surprise our customers with the best pure and flavored teas, with unique and exceptional flavors, always of the highest quality. We encourage true tea lovers to explore our exclusive selection of pure teas from the home countries thanks to the close ties between our buyers and tea growers around the world. The delicious blends of our teas with fruits, aromatic herbs and natural essences are handled by the best European professionals in order to offer our customers the authentic gourmet teas of the highest quality.

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