Real relationships, both with the farms and our customers, are essential to Rare Tea. This is what we believe defines Direct Trade.

We focus on quality, sampling the finest and only selecting the best.

Our range is small but carefully chosen. We travel the world to seek out tea-gardens and farmers crafting the most delicious leaves we can find.

We are extremely lucky and proud to work with unique farms producing extraordinary tea.

Some of our tea is very rare, with only a few kilos produced each year. Others can be grown on a larger scale. All of our tea is crafted by skilled men and women on independent farms, not industrially processed by large agri-businesses. We buy harvests from farmers, not a commodity from brokers.


The first thing we search for is flavour. Before we can enter into a serious relationship with a farmer, however, we need trust; not only that they are growing the finest tea but doing so ethically. We work with farmers using sustainable practices that benefit both the land and the people who live and work on it. Once we feel we have found these qualities in a farm we will make every effort to promote their tea and to support them in everything they do.

We buy harvests up-front and arrange packing, labelling, shipping, export and import, warehousing and distribution. With farms on many continents, often very far from sea-ports, the logistics can be daunting and costly, but in this way we can make it possible. This allows small producers to get their tea to you without the vast infrastructure of industry giants.

We value our customers as much as our farmers.

Although we are a small company, in many ways this is a virtue. If you call Rare Tea you will speak to one of us, not a customer service centre. If you email Rare Tea Company we will respond directly.

We send our tea all over the world as quickly and carefully as we can. We are here to answer any question and will try our best to help in whatever way we can.

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