Puraty Organic Tea is owned by a New Zealand organic medical herbal tea company. It was started in 2009. Since then we have developed a lot of different organic tea products in the market. Our natural herbal teas help to maintain the health of over 20,000 customers around the world.

Puraty Organic Tea Products

Puraty Organic Tea works with Auckland’s leading medical herbalists and as a result has developed a range of medicinal herbal teas. In addition we now have over 20,000 customers from around the world. Enjoy these great teas that are in high demand:

  • De-Stress Tea
  • Digestive Aid
  • Energiser Boost Tea
  • Flu Buster
  • Hot Flush Tea
  • Immune Booster
  • Kidney Detox Tea
  • Liver Detox Tea
  • Memory Gain
  • PMT Relief
  • Sleep Well Tea
  • Slim Down Tea
  • Strong Bones
  • Type 2 Tea

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New Zealand

New Zealand’s unique geographical location allows less pollutants in the air and in addition a climate that produces world class medicinal plants. It also has one of the lowest carbon monoxide gas particles of pollution per cubic centimetre of air in the world. New Zealand is a coastal country that is surrounded by two huge oceans that allow coastal winds to flush out any potential toxic fumes. Together with a climate that has four distinct seasons, it provides an oasis for which to grow the world’s finest medicinal plants. Where we cannot source specialist ingredients, we then source them from their native habitats.

Fully Organic Teas

Especially relevant is the fact that the all ingredients are certified organic and non genetically modified. Puraty is certified by BioGro, a reputable and well established accredited organic certifier. We source the finest and freshest premium herbs and consequently provide maximum potency for your herbal tea.

In conclusion we guarantee all our teas are certified organic, non genetically modified, fair trade, natural, sustainably sourced, sustainable operations and socially responsible.