Planet Yerba Mate is dedicated to providing the best reviews, tips and most up to date information on Yerba Mate.

Consequently Planet Yerba Mate informs you about this unique beverage. It is the drink of choice for hundreds of millions of South Americans. We want to give others the chance to try it out for themselves.

About Planet Yerba Mate

I have traveled to 20+ countries and have seen Yerba Mate being drunk by people from around the world.

Now I live in Brazil and therefore have the opportunity to explore Yerba culture and to share it with my readers.

Planet Yerba Mate will continue to learn as much as possible about Mate so that we can share our findings with you.

I will discuss the health benefits, nutritional benefits, social connectivity, history, or cultural relevance of Mate. All of my writings are designed to inform and to help you become more knowledgeable about your tea of choice!

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