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Paula’s interest in plants began in her childhood, but sprouted forth while taking classes in the University of Kansas botany department during the late 60s. From this passion she started and sold businesses: a catalogue specializing in French gourmet vegetable and herb seeds, and a fresh herb business that covered the Greater Kansas City area. She has now expanded her interest into the world of tea, herbal crafts, and her artistic endeavors.

These are handcrafted, whole leaf teas are from six provinces in China, as well as from Taiwan. China is the birthplace of tea hundreds of years ago . In the Twelve Winds Tea Company display you will be able to purchase three different white, green, black, oolong and pu-erh (pronounced pooh-err) teas and two herbal infusions in both the sampler and bulk sizes. Tea making accessories like the unique and fabulous cup-topper, the “Cool” Tea Infuser, boxes of paper filters and the simple mug infuser will be available to assist in the proper making of these handcrafted loose teas.

Tea is calorie free. Tea is fat and cholesterol free. Tea is even additive free, but antioxidant rich. Tea provides a broad spectrum of health benefits as a multi-dimensional refreshment. It has uplifitng caffeine levels without overwhelming the human system. Tea is de-stressing and calming. Tea is unceasingly interesting and affordable, providing one of the lowest costs per serving of any beverage. Try these tea recipes and find out about hosting your own Asian Tea Tasting!

Discover peace in a bowl of tea when you purchase one of these teas or herbal infusions from the Twelve Winds Tea Company.

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