Nothing But Tea is an independent family run business. We now have a lovely industrial unit in Bedford, where we pack tea, ship orders, have a custom tasting room and now a showroom.

There are two things which drive what I do. The first is Tea. I am really passionate about tea.

Tea should be loose leaf, it should be well made, of good quality, taste great, be well kept, and well brewed.

The second is my customers. I strive to provide excellent service. If you have any comments, have suggestions about how I can do better, are looking for a particular tea, have an idea for a gift, want something special or just a chat email me [email protected]  I love hearing from customers, connecting with people over tea makes me happy!

The idea for Nothing But Tea was formed in 2001 when I (Quinnan) was between jobs and went to work for my parents tea consultancy on a big project they had. My Dad had warned me before I started working for him that once you got into tea, you never want to leave.  The project involved looking at the Value Added Tea market in the US where Speciality Tea was really taking off, there were lots of really good sites selling really good unusual teas and at the time no one was really doing Speciality tea here in the UK (there was just one company).  So I went of to learn how to build websites and with my parents help learned a lot about tea, business and importing, and Nothing But Tea started at the end of 2002.

Address & Contact

Our Address

10 Alexa Court Aston Road Bedford MK42 0LW


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