Mursalski Tea USA are the official North American distributors for organic Mursalski Tea, single-sourced from an area in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria.

In addition to selling the dried herbal tea, we are bottling it as a RTD product and adding 24K gold to create a new tea drinking experience.

We use pure spring water and organic ingredients to create a nice alternative to heavily sweetened beverages.

Organic Mursalski Tea – “Like Drinking a Cup of Sunshine”.


Although many people in the West are not familiar with Sideritis Scardica – Mursalski Tea, it has been used for centuries throughout the Balkans, Greece and parts of the Mediterranean where it grows in the wild.  Many stories from ancient times reveal the healing benefits of the plant.

Traditionally, people have used it to treat a wide array of complaints from the common cold to boosting immunity and general health.*  Several universities in Europe have conducted studies on its compounds.  It is reported to contain antioxidants, 22 different minerals and naturally occurring plant sterols and flavonoids.

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