Metta Tea Co. – Before our matcha existed, stressed-out, anxious as f*ck people around the world were underserved by existing matcha on the market, but now, thanks to the type of matcha we produce & how it’s prepared, those problems are solved.

We discovered matcha a few years ago and quickly fell in love with it. The problem, though, is that the taste was always just “okay” – we drank it for the health benefits and the surge of energy we got (we’re both sensitive to caffeine and can’t do coffee often).

It wasn’t until we found matcha sourced directly from Japan that we realized – holy sh*t, this stuff is delicious! Unfortunately, because this matcha was from Japan, we had to wait weeks to receive our order, and pay additional customs upon delivery.

“There has to be a better way!”, Richard said.

So we flew to Japan and spent an entire week researching matcha, different farms, doing quality checks, and then, of course, buying a TON of our favorite green stuff and bringing it back home to Canada.

We did several taste-tests, invited friends and family to try as well, and ultimately discovered the best damn matcha we’ve ever tasted. And so we went into business with our Japan friends and now, here we are.

Metta Tea Co. matcha is different because it’s easy to access.

No waiting for weeks to get your order! We are the #1 source for premium, high-quality matcha in North America (and definitely in Canada where the premium matcha is non-existent!).

Our matcha is different because it’s sourced directly from Japan.
Note – matcha not from anywhere other than Japan is NOT considered matcha.

Our matcha is different because it’s super high-quality and vibrantly green.
So pretty! Very Instagram-worthy. 😉

Our matcha is different because it tastes amazingly smooth, creamy and with zero bitterness.
No more matcha that tastes like grass. Yay!

When you buy from Metta Tea Co., you’re guaranteed to have a delicious cup of matcha EVERY time!
It’s delicious, it’s full of nutrients, it’s easy to make, you’ll get incredible focus and energy (with no crash!), and you’ll want it again and again.

It’s just that good.

Toronto, Canada

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Metta Tea Company, P.O. Box 36041 RPO, York Mills Leslie, Toronto, ON,  M3B 0A3


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