Meta Maté are suppliers of the world renowned maté brand. We produce the best possible variety of matés from Brazil. They are high quality organic certified products. We include a complete line of yerba maté accessories to prepare traditionally, infused or others. We offer consultations and are dedicated to expanding this wonderful plant.

Meta Maté offers a superior flavor, fragrance, and contains health-promoting nutrients. These qualities are unique to our brand and are the reasons our customers return for more. At the heart of our business is a commitment to quality and traditional methods of production and a desire to share products that can change the lives of our customers, local communities, and benefit the planet.

Our raw mate is selected from forests protected from contamination. It is frozen to avoid oxidation and dried in very low, controlled temperatures. This fibre-cut is a novelty that we are bringing to the market. It has a gentle, smooth flavour and an earthy fragrance and is unlike standard Argentinean stored or Brazilian grassy mates.

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Cultures in South America have used yerba mate, and erva-mate, for centuries. The tradition started with the Guarani nation, native people from the rainforest. Today drinking mate is a daily habit for people in Argentina, southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay…and from around the world.

Based in Miami, Florida.

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