The broad Doke River in Bihar flows through the land of the Buddha. It seems like the perfect setting for lush and abundant tea gardens, but it took pioneers like Rajiv Lochan to realize that potential.

Doke is the name of a very productive organic tea Garden in India. The lush garden rests in an area called Pothia, Kishanganj. The area is very poor, with high unemployment and a lot of civil unrest. In 1998 Mr. Rajiv Lochan, a lifelong tea garden manager and now tea business expert, decided to plant new tea bushes on small plot of land. Many said that the land was ‘useless’, but Rajiv persisted, with the help of the garden workers and local farmers the garden began to surprise everyone, including Rajiv.

This little tea estate in the Kishangunj district of Bihar has been declared as “Non-traditional tea growing area.” We are hand crafting a tea called Doke Black Fusion which is infact a fusion of Assam and Darjeeling.

We are growing and producing teas at Doke using Organic practises and standards only.

Today both the garden and the foundation are going strong. Doke teas are quickly becoming one of the most sought after teas in the world!

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