Ke’Miyah’s Tea

Our mission is to appreciate tea while still appreciating who we are as human beings.

Our vision for Ke’Miyah’s Tea is to create a line of exquisite teas filled with love, magic, and positive energy that will transform your day into something extraordinary. We would like you to think of tea as a magical gateway to a profound you. Tea has so many unique properties to help you connect to your mind, body, and spirit.

Our goal is to focus on products that are geared around daily peace and relaxation while still conquering what it means to be happy all in one.

Meditation is one of the key foundations to finding peace within yourself. Every day we decide the person we want to be. Through daily meditations and tea, you too will be able to tap into your higher entity and reach a place of self-control, solitude, and strength.

On our website you will be able to find monthly meditations posted along with helpful tips on how to steep our tea.

Our relaxation line has 4 custom blended herbal teas. We also offer 3 other different tasty loose-leaf teas as well. All of our products are high quality while still being budget friendly as well as eco-friendly.

Cheers to happy steeping!

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Tampa, FL, USA


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