I have been a tea drinker since high school. Bagged teas, mostly fruity, with a ton of sugar. I know, embarassing! In 2005, I flew to Chicago, IL, for some serious sister time. Minus the weight gain from non-stop MidWest gorging…that first trip to Chicago was incredible! I fell in love with the feel of the city, but two places in particular – a spice shop and a tea shop. I was enamored with the aromas and appearance of the teas on their own. The idea that the flavor difference was influenced by the region in which it was grown, rainfall, soil pH, etc., was amazing. Each tea was so distinct. I was equally fascinated with this world of spices out there that I had never heard of. These flavors couldn’t be found in the “Baking” aisle of my local grocery store! What started out as a wonderful hobby of sipping tea and building a meal around a specific spice soon turned into a passion. A passion of finding quality teas, spices and herbs and sharing them with people that, like me, love chatting with friends over tea or laughing with family over an incredible meal.

Joy’s Teaspoon was launched in April 2010. We debuted 32 tea blends, 10 spices and herbs and a handful of teawares. We have since added numerous teas and spices to the collection and now proudly offer over 60 loose leaf teas and over 30 spices. In an effort to be transparent about our offerings, we have more than a dozen sources. Some of our teas and spices come from wholesalers based here in the US. Others come direct from the growers and are imported into the United States. And in the case of a handful of our teas, they have been created and hand blended by our team.

“Why Joy’s Teaspoon?”, you may ask. My mom, Joy, passed away in April 2003 at 49. As my family can attest, any product or ingredient that would have encouraged chatting would have been ADORED by my mom. The motivation behind JoysTeaspoon.com, the articles and information we post on Joy’s Jabberings, and the in-person tea tastings and events that we host, are created to share the story of our products, the rich flavors and cultures responsible for their creation and the benefits of incorporating healthy and natural ingredients in your every day life. Most importantly, they are tools to communicate and spend time with those most important to you, your friends and family! Joy would have been 110% behind that!

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