Our mission is to be a healthier and innovative, striving to to be the go to choice our consumers and a spotlight on social responsibility

To be the go to company for consumers, be the best we can be and morally and socially responsible our employees, suppliers and consumers. To enrich and enhance their and our quality of life and work.

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For a Better Tomorrow

Green Earth
This world of our is one of its kinds, a small blue green marble in the vastness of space. We are working hard with our suppliers, regulatory bodies and research institutes to maintain and study our planet and keep the lands green and the waters blue for generations to come. All our teas are the first of its kind to be certified ozone friendly.

Healthy Mind & Body
In a fast moving, time consuming, work heavy world, it is tough to keep healthy and find a moment to ourselves. We have taken steps to ensure that each sip of our tea will relax and refresh you. Each leaf is natural and preservative free to ensure you have a pure cup of tea as nature provided.

A Better Future
We are living in an increasingly smaller world, communities are growing closer and have more effect on us than we understand. Our business crosses oceans and contients and affects small communities in parts of the world hardest hit. We source materials and goods for niche products from these communities and individuals bringing much needed income and development for themselves and their future.

Keep Growing
With competition getting fierce and consumers getting more concious about health, we are moving and innovating our product ranges to stay ahead of our competition and always be the healthier choice.

Our Company
May 18, 2012 admin Best Tea, Black Tea, Ceylon Tea, Dark Tea, Exporters of Ceylon Tea, Flavoured Tea, Green Tea, Jafferjee & Sons Tea, Jafferjee Tea, Middle East Tea, Strong Tea, Tea.

The Company
The Jafferjee & Sons Company is one of the most diverse in Sri Lanka beverage companies in Sri Lanka. With over 50+ brands and products of tea, coffee, juices and cordials to over 56 countries around the global and growing our distribution networks everyday.

The Tea division of Jafferjee & Sons is the largest division in the Company. Focusing on a truely global beverage, we have a range of Tea, Blends, and Brands to suit your every need.

Who We Are?
Formed in 1984, Jafferjee & Sons was one of the first Tea exporting companies in Sri Lanka. Headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka with with completely integrated facilities for blending, flavouring and packing of tea. We are proud to be a part of a Tea Tradition that is over a 1000 years old, never compromising to offer a good cup of tea.

What We Do?
We manufacture, blend and pack Orthodox Teas, Black Tea, Green Tea, Flavoured Teas, Tea Concentrates, Tea Bags and Ready To Drink Teas under our brands that are sold to licensed distributors around the world. We offer marketing services such as print, digital media, retail store services and more to our clients to better connect our brands to consumers.

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Our Address

104 2/1 Havelock Road, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka


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