Dethlefsen & Balk is one of the oldest tea trading companies and has established very good business relationships over a long period of time to many renowned tea gardens and to numerous experienced manufacturers of tea accessories all over the world.

Dethlefsen & Balk can offer high-quality teas and rare top specialties, as well as classical-proven and innovative tea accessories in all price ranges to you.

We understand ourselves as the competent partner for our established customers, as well as to all prospective customers, who are interested in a conception for the start-up of a new specialty tea shop. For the opening of a new shop, we offer a good selection of storage tins and the appropriate packing material. Our customers can select specialties from our broad tea assortment of over 300 varieties packed in practical 1-kg-size.

A constantly changing supply of additional varieties guarantees many possibilities of special sales at competitive prices. By using only selected raw goods, exquisite ingredients and flavors to improve and create our tea, we are able to offer tea which is market leading.

Let the next pages introduce and charm you into the world of tea and the selection of suitable accessories.

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