Caffe Clifton is an independent café situated in the heart of Clifton. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service and creating a fantastic atmosphere. So come along and make yourself at home. Lounge on the comfy futon beds, get your head down to some work with our free WIFI or enjoy the revolving art exhibitions of Bristol’s fantastic local talent whilst sampling our exceptional coffee, deliciously unique tea blends and tasty treats!

Caffe Clifton Teas

ATTIC tea are a local company that source their tea directly from small farms in China and create their own delicious blends. These teas help you to live a more positive and healthy life by harnessing the natural power of tea.

TeaPigs provide our more traditional but still exquisite tasting teas. Using only quality whole leaf wrapped in a spacious transparent mesh bag, these teas are served in a teapot and deliver exceptional flavour.


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St Paul's Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1LX


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