Authenmole Inc. ( Stock Code: 835484) is a world-leading producer of tea & herb extract.

All Authenmole Inc. products are tea essence concentrate crystal created through bio-engineering extraction. They are 100% natural, healthy and convenient.


Authenmole Inc. patented technology, PLEESIT, is a nano-level extraction & purification system for plants. It removes the pesticide residue and heavy metals and is therefore the perfect process to keep the bio-active nutrients intact.

The most significance advance that Authenmole achieved was to increase the bio availability of  botanicals and their effective components and to decrease waste. Their products consequently return the natural and genuine nutrition from the plant.

Authenmole Inc. Portfolio

Their extensive portfolio of offerings include original tea, wellness tea, fruit tea, flower tea, herbal tea extract as well as some other plants extract solid beverages. These products contain powerful ingredients to boost your vital health.

Their mission is to create a healthy and convenient premium modern lifestyle.

Authenmole Inc. - Authentea - LeCharm

Authenmole’s brands include Authentea and LeCharm and these have sold in the US, Europe and Australia where they created a very good reputation.


Authenmole Inc. use their patented technology called “PLEESIT”. The products are all produced in physical way, nothing chemical involved.  This effectively keeps the tea’s original aroma, taste and flavor, while active component in the tea are perfectly kept and harmful substances are removed.

They got inspiration from instant coffee and, though there was instant tea in the market, they found that if using current technology the effective components such as tea Polyphenols, L-Theanine, Theophylline would be damaged during high temperature and the addition of chemicals during the process. Therefore, there would be no color, taste and aroma in this cup of tea. With a strong Physics, Chemistry and Biology academic background they visited lots of companies and led R&D team kept doing research, and finally they turned traditional loose tea to molecular tea.

Just like a fine wine-maker, they also select from the best quality produce from all parts of China. The result is tea of high bio activity as well as 100% absorbability. They therefore get the absolute most from Mother Nature.

Product Features

  • 100% Natural Extract
  • Hot or Cold
  • Convenient – ON THE GO
  • Full of Tea Nutrients
  • 0 Calories, 0 Fat, 0 Sugar

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