Ablecha Chinese Tea wholesaler is a Chinese tea wholesaler located in Fujian China. We provide Chinese tea in small quantity for small size retailer and tea shops worldwide.

We were only a homely tea farmer 10 years ago. We owned a tea plantation in Fuding DianTou town, only providing white teas.

From 2014, We cooperated with some excellent tea farmers all over Fujian and GuangDong province to provide wholesale finest loose leaf Chinese teas. That is the beginning of Ablecha.

Now There are white sliver needle, white peony, Shou Mei, Tie Kuan Yin, Wuyi rock tea, Dan Cong, Zhangpin Shuixian, Lapsang Souchong, Dian Hong, Jasmine pearl, Blooming Tea Etc. In total more than 15 kinds of loose leaf teas They are all supplied directly from their origins.

From 2016, Ablecha also started to provide tea drinking material for Tea Bars (Tea rooms). Now we supply all the basic materials required to produce a of a cup of tea as well as sipping solutions.
Head office: No60 MinJiang Road Hongxing Building Room 2405
Tea Plantation Address: BoLiao Village DianTou Town Fuding Fujian China 350000

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