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Tea Naga from China-More Sweet & Much Cheaper. Online and wholesale.

An international supplier and wholesale distributor of high quality loose leaf teas shipped direct from the major tea growing regions of China, Taiwan, Japan and India.

All our teas are high mountain grown in the Fujian Mountains, which are renowned for having the perfect climate, soil, and water. All our teas are hand picked so we can select the very best tea leaves at the pinnacle of freshness. All our teas are…

Artisan Handpicked and Processed. All of our teas are expertly and only handpicked and processed. We never buy mass produced machine cut teas. All of our teas are made by hand with care and tea making traditions often times passed down for…

Real relationships, both with the farms and our customers, are essential to Rare Tea. This is what we believe defines Direct Trade. We focus on quality, sampling the finest and only selecting the best. Our range is small but carefully chosen. We…