How to register on the World Tea Directory

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  • Use the form in the right column to register
  • Your username is the name you will use to log in.
  • The email address that you enter will be used for all communications with you including sending you your password
  • after you click SIGN UP we will send you an email with your log in details. If you do not receive this email after a short time then please check that the mail has not ended up in your spam folder.
  • By registering you agree to our Terms & Conditions.


How to add a listing on the World Tea Directory

Log in using the details provided in your email
You will see a link to ADD NEW ITEM. This will open the form for adding the details of your listing.

1. Add a title: Fill in the title of your business. Please do not use this area to add key-phrases or any other words other than your true business title.

2. Add content: You will see a box where you can add text, load Images and other media to show in this area. You can create a very good presentation of your business here. Please do not use this area to add spam content. We must maintain the highest standards in this directory. We will monitor carefully all live links added here. The maximum width here is 950 pixels.

Note for advanced users:
You can add columns and video (Youtube or Vimeo) using shortcodes. Please view the examples in this image.


Click to enlarge

3. Select the Category for your business: In the right column select the Category that your business falls into. You can select more than one but our team will make sure that they are all relevant before publishing your listing so we advise you to be careful to only select categories that are an exact fit with your business. If you do not see a relevant category for your business please select OTHER. If it is relevant we will add new categories as applicable. you may also contact us and request additional categories.

4. Select the Location of your business: Also in the right column please select the location of your business. We will look carefully at your choices. In the main we only allow one country. If you have a business with multiple locations you should add them separately. If you have a lot then please contact us.

NOTE: If your country is not displayed we will add new ones according to the address entered.

5. SEO your page: You will notice an SEO section. If you add a Focus keyword or Keyphrase this piece of software will help you to optimize this page for best results in the search engines like Google. For this to work you can only select one keyphrase.

6. Set Featured Image – Normally people add a Logo or an image that portrays their brand. This thumbnail appears all around the website wherever your listing is displayed. It also appears in the map pop up boxes and in the top left section of your actual listings page.

IMPORTANT – THE IMAGE SHOULD BE SQUARE. We recommend around 500 x 500 pixels as a good size. Minimum 200 x 200 pixels.

7. Address: Write in the address of your business. Usually this will be enough to place the marker accurately on the map.

8. Add marker to the map: The map marker should display in the correct position when you click FIND ADDRESS ON MAP. However for final exact placement just drag the marker to the exact place it should be.

9. GPS: The GPS co-ordinates will automatically display depending on the position of your map marker. This information is very useful for finding your premises using sat-nav devices.

10. Select Street View: You can select the map at the top of the page to show Google maps street view rather than the map. If you select street view it will appear automatically in a box below the map on this page if street view is available in your area. If you just see a grey box you can try repositioning your marker on the main map. When street view appears you can zoom and navigate to the exact view that you want to show. Whatever you set up as the street view that you want will be saved when you submit your listing for review.

Your listings page will always show your position on the smaller Google map further down the page.

11. Phone Number: Add your Phone number.

12. Email Address: Add your email address.

13. Contact Owner Button: You can select the Contact owner button to show a button on your listing. When a visitor clicks on this button they are offered a form to complete which is then sent to your email address. This only works if you have entered an email address above.

14. Add your website: Add your website here. It produces a live click-able link on your listings page.

15. Opening Hours: Add your opening hours. If you do not write anything here the box will not display on your listings page.

16. Alternative Content: The Alternative Content area allows you to add some extra content at the bottom of the page.

Hint: If you want to display an image or video here then add them first to the top content section using the ADD MEDIA button. You can then copy and paste them into the Alternative Content box. Don’t forget to go back and delete them from the top content box when you are happy that they are displayed in the Alternative Content section. The maximum width here is 950 pixels.

17. Excerpt: You can write text in here and it will show next to your listing everywhere except on your actual listings detail page. If you do not write anything here then the text from the main content area will be used up to the limit of characters that display in the relevant areas of the If you add a photo to the top of the page we will insert an excerpt to stop that image causing problems on the site as our software tries to display it instead of text.

18. Comments: You can decide whether to allow people to comment on your listings page.

19. Preview and Submit for review: Lastly but not least. Scroll to the top of the page and look for SUBMIT FOR REVIEW or you may PREVIEW your listing first and make adjustments. You may SAVE AS A DRAFT and return to editing later. When you are satisfied with the listing please DO NOT FORGET TO CLICK THE SUBMIT FOR REVIEW BUTTON.

We approve your listing in the shortest possible time. However every listing is checked manually by our team for accuracy and veracity. This Directory needs to have the highest possible standards of information contained in the listings.

At any time before or after your listing is published you are able to log in and edit it. Our team are alerted to all listings that are updated and will check all edited pages to ensure they are acceptable. You can view our Terms & Conditions for more information.

How to edit your listing

You can log into your account and click on the title of your listing to open up the add/edit form. Just make the necessary changes and click UPDATE.
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If you are having trouble creating your listing you might like to make use of our LISTING SERVICE. For a small fee we will load your listing for you to ensure a really professional display.

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