From time to time you might find your business listed in our World Tea Directory.

If you see your business listed and a button that reads – OWN THIS BUSINESS? then use that button to contact us in order that we can transfer administration of that listing to you.

On receipt of a request we then use the web and other means to discover contact details displayed for that business and will use these in order to confirm that you are the rightful owner. It is therefore useful if you provide contact information that we can independently verify.

NOTE: You will not be able to claim the listing using the email address shown in the World Tea Directory if there is one. This is to avoid fraudulent claims. Please select any other email address to which we will send your password and log in details. You can change your account email address once you have successfully logged in.

Once we have determined that you are the verified owner we will then set the account to BASIC FREE status and send you your log in username and password.

We very much hope that you will take control of your own listings as the purpose of the world tea directory is to provide up to date and useful information to those that are interested and searching for your kind of business.

Use the contact form here for any further information or if you have problems using our systems.